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Sep 19, 2022

Energetic transition NGV

BioNGV to rescue heavy mobility

Why BioNGV is the most credible short-term alternative for trucks, buses, etc.

BioNGV as heavy mobility super decarbonizer

To achieve goals set by the EU and France, it is urgent to decarbonize mobility.
But what is actually called mobility includes a lot of mobilities. Let's focus on heavy mobility.

Although they represent less than 2% of vehicles total fleet in France, they are responsible for more than 22% of CO2 emissions transport (Source: CITEPA, 2020 Secten inventory).

Despite significant advances in innovative technologies and compliance with environmental standards by manufacturers and carriers, heavy mobility remains a sector whose emissions steadily increase, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic which significantly boosted e-commerce and home deliveries.

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Given this observation, what solutions?

Electric is not an option. Both because charging time requires too long vehicle immobilization and range remains limited, but also because the electric vehicle from well to road carbon balance with a capacity of more than 60Kwh (a Peugeot 208) is negative in comparison with thermal vehicle (according to an ADEME recent note).

The hydrogen is not ready yet, event if it is an attractive alternative: charging time and autonomy almost similar to diesel, and only emitting water vapor for use. But hydrogen generation is still not mature despite the important means recently put in place.

Bio diesel is by definition limited in volume, production being limited to oilseed overproduction.
The bioNGV remains. -80% CO2 emissions, -95% fine particles, range and charging time very close to diesel, bioNGV checks all the boxes to decarbonize heavy mobility. It is also probably the hydrogen launch pad to zero-emission mobility.

At TANKYOU we assist our clients on NGV and BioNGV since 2020. We deliver our customers' trucks, commercial vehicles, dumpsters or buses every week and contribute to a cleaner and environmentally friendly mobility.

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