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energy delivery

energy, without a single move!

Our mobile delivery units offer immediate, simple and secure access to all mobility energies: diesel, bioNGV, biodiesel, electricity, H2.

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we deliver all energies to all vehicles

TANKYOU • Bio GNV énergies


The advantages of diesel (range, refueling speed) without its disadvantages (-80% CO2 emissions, 0 fine particles). An obvious choice to balance heavy and sustainable mobility!

Available for all types of NGV vehicles

TANKYOU • Benne TANKYOU • Camion TANKYOU • Citerne
TANKYOU • Électrique énergies


Cross the line with TANKYOU! Troubleshooting or regular charging, TANKYOU compensates for the charging stations lack by offering an electric charging service on request.

Available for all battery vehicles

TANKYOU • Citadine TANKYOU • Berline TANKYOU • Utilitaire TANKYOU • Bus
TANKYOU • Hydrogène énergies


Hydrogen finally at hand with TANKYOU! To democratize hydrogen, TANKYOU bring it directly to your vehicle.

Available for all hydrogen vehicles and machines

TANKYOU • Bio Carburant énergies


Biodiesels are renewable fuels from agriculture or circular (used oils). They allow CO2 emissions reduction.

Available for all compatible vehicles

TANKYOU • Utilitaire TANKYOU • Bus TANKYOU • Camion
TANKYOU • Carburants énergies


Energy still predominant in Europe, we help our customers to consume less and to stop using fossil fuels for cleaner engines.

Reduce your consumption thanks to TANKYOU!

TANKYOU • Berline TANKYOU • Utilitaire TANKYOU • Bus TANKYOU • Camion


why is it amazing

Choosing TANKYOU to refuel your vehicles fleet means choosing flexibility, safety and efficiency.

TANKYOU • Decrease

an obvious energy consumption reduction

Thanks to a better consumption management, our customers get a decrease of 5% on their bills.

TANKYOU • Augmentation

immediate productivity gains

Your employees focus on their job, your vehicles gain availability. No more station stop, fuel cards and fraud. Immediate savings!

TANKYOU • User group

personalized support towards cleaner mobility

TANKYOU customers consume less (-5% of diesel consumption) and better (easy access to new energies). This will significantly reduce your fleet carbon footprint.

TANKYOU • Solution 2

a flexible solution

No capex, our service sets up in 24 hours. No need for fuel cards or to build your own station (diesel, CNG, electric, biodiesel). You are free!

TANKYOU • Briefcase

a peaceful working environment

Attract and retain your drivers by removing a painful task with no added value. Improve the organization between your employees: the vehicle is ready, the tank is full, whatever the time.

how it works?

order, enjoy, optimize

TANKYOU offers a 100% digital customer journey. Place an order to be delivered directly to your company in 3 clicks. The station will be a distant memory soon!


order from your dashboard

We completely digitize the order placing. Choose your energy, indicate your delivery place, enter your payment information. Our delivery man is on his way!

TANKYOU • Service 1

enjoy and switch to high-value tasks

The order is validated, follow all the delivery steps directly online. Once the delivery is made, you receive the invoice on your customer area. It’s simple, isn’t it?

TANKYOU • Service 2 EN

optimize your consumption, time, and budget

Take no more risk and control your consumption from your dashboard. Analyze your volumes, follow your fleet.

TANKYOU • Service 3


control your consumption, with intelligence

Your TANKYOU dashboard is your interface for dialogue, management and energy stations analysis.

TANKYOU • Navigateur

your management interface

Consult all your past, present and future orders and invoices, modify your fleet or your means of payment, do everything, in complete autonomy.

TANKYOU • Graphique en ligne

your analytics tool

Track your global and vehicle by vehicle energy consumption, measure your carbon impact, we put data at your disposal to improve your performance.


our presence,
in France

Our service is available in Paris, Lille and Lyon. Are you in the region? Contact us! Would you like to take advantage of our services in your area? Send us an email at!

TANKYOU • Partager



400 companies and local communities trust us to ensure the daily refuelling of their fleets.

TANKYOU • Economie denergie

1700 t

CO2 tons saved

In 2021, we saved our customers 1700t of CO2 thanks to our solutions.

TANKYOU • Livraison rapide


vehicles served every month

We deliver more than 20,000 vehicles every month, from light vehicles to super trucks, from diesel to electric.

our delivery fleet

certified delivery units for all energy sources

Diesel, Biodiesel, BioNGV, electricity or hydrogen? In small or large quantities? Our fleet has all the necessary vehicles to meet your request.

TANKYOU • Energie renouvelable

equipment for all energies

Diesel, Biodiesel, BioNGV, electricity or hydrogen? In small or large quantities? Our fleet has all the necessary vehicles to meet your request.

TANKYOU • Securite activee


Our equipment and operations comply with French and European regulations, ADR, ATEX, MID.


to each question, its answer

What energies do we distribute? Is TANKYOU available in your city? How do I transition my fleet? Find your answers.

What is Pro Area?

How do I access my Pro Account?

Can you collect keys?

Who makes the deliveries?

What are the opening hours?

What happens if the vehicles are not on site at delivery time?

How does TANKYOU locate my vehicle?

How are we informed about our vehicle’s gas tank?

Should the fuel traps be left unlocked for the delivery?

How long do I have to wait to be delivered?

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energy to change

Need energy for 5, 20 or 100 vehicles? Get support from our teams by phone, email or chat.

TANKYOU • Inscription

register now

Join our community and pick TANKYOU to accelerate your fleets energy transition.


discuss with us

Contact us at any time, our employees will answer all your questions.

we deliver them energy everyday.

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