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Oct 5, 2021

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Mobility energy transition: why does it stall?

What are the obstacles that slow down mobility energy transition?

how to accelerate mobility energy transition?

Accelerate the energy transition with TANKYOU

Mobility energy transition in a few points :
- Producing "clean" vehicles;
- Providing "clean energy" to these "clean" vehicles;

If the first point is about to be successful (today, any self-respecting manufacturer has an electric, hybrid, NGV or hydrogen range) offering simple, fast and efficient access to clean energy is still far from won!

If we focus on the Ile-de-France region, we only count 1 terminal for 12 electric vehicles, 5 hydrogen stations or 30 CNG stations, while the region has more than 1000 diesel service stations! Is it reasonable to think that users will turn to hydrogen vehicles if they are forced to travel 45 minutes to fill up?

At TANKYOU we propose an alternative with our energy delivery units.

We are able to deliver diesel, NGV, electricity and hydrogen directly to your vehicles. No need to wait for a "clean" station construction or the electrical power necessary, and especially no more excuses for not making your energy transition!

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