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Mar 2, 2022


Words of collaborators

We give the floor to our employees. Today, it is our Lille team leader turn.

Being a team leader in Lille at TANKYOU

TANKYOU • Notre Chef dequipe Lillois nous parle de son metier 1

Where were you working before joining TANKYOU?

In fact, my professional experiences have been condensed and varied.
In recent years, I worked in the automotive sector as project manager and commercial.

Why did you choose TANKYOU? What do you think of our concept?

Pre-recruitment and after reading the job offer, the charm works. I find the concept ingenious, innovative and of its time, in the era of «all services».
My half-sister lives in Canada for 15 years and I observed some of Tanker trade beginnings across the Atlantic. Disproportionate pick-ups size distributing fuel with disconcerting mobility. It is clear that the mobile station concept was born in France thanks to TANKYOU, which transformed, improved and validated this project. A very nice challenge!

I chose TANKYOU, and TANKYOU chose me. I want to leave my mark there as long as possible because the adventure is just beginning. This is encouraging for the future.

Can you tell us about your position and your daily life?

I joined Tankyou as a Tanker. Today my function has evolved and I work as Operations Support. A multi-faceted business that requires being in perfect harmony with the team and my sector leader. I make sure that all the necessary operations are carried out on a daily basis. I manage incidents, equipment conditions and customer services.

Overall, the profession leaves a great autonomy but teamwork is essential. More than providing technical support, I often put my Tanker outfit back. A welcome versatility that helps me to guarantee team satisfaction, to promote Tankyou offer and strengthen customers ties.

A dynamic position where no days are alike.

A memorable memory to share?

There were some, but if I had to remember two:

- My first day in total autonomy started with… a repair! Helping and repairing a flat tire on a co-worker’s truck before I even start my tour is called baptism by fire. Profession contingencies, yes! Team spirit too 😉
- Gaining customer’s trust is definitely a daily victory. When he calls us by our first name and give us all access to his home, there is no better proof to satisfaction. This justifies our profession and its services provided to remain reliable and exemplary.

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