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May 12, 2022


Save on fuel!

Discover how to reduce fuel consumption with TANKYOU

Use TANKYOU services to save money

TANKYOU reduces your fuel bill!

How to save fuel?

In a global context where fuel prices are rising, an LSA study shows that French want to save on various expenditure items. Today, gas expense represents about 16% of vehicle budget per month.

But did you know that it is possible to save money even for fuel?
First, several studies show that an underinflated tire would result in a 10% increase in fuel consumption. By checking your tires pressure, save the equivalent of 3 weeks of fuel, over a year.

Properly inflating your tires is a reflex to adopt for your safety, your wallet and the environment.

A regular and expensive oversight. Properly inflating your tires limits premature wear, which can cause deformation if the weight distribution is uneven, and puncture.

Well inflate your tires to inflate your wallet.
In addition, it is important to find a compromise between fuel economy and comfort, the solution is to well inflate your tires, or even over-inflate it.

Tankyou’s advice: if you check the pressure after driving, consider increasing it by 0.3 bar.
There are other solutions such as limiting small trips. Indeed, 40% of car trips are less than… 2 km!

For safety and comfort reasons, we recommend avoiding sudden braking and adopting a flexible driving style. These eco-friendly gestures limit costs as soon as you refuel.

How can TANKYOU help you?

With Car Care Services avoid under-inflation problem

Thanks to a fleet audit and a 20 control points checking on each vehicle (compliance, safety, visual, wear and maintenance).
Once your audit report is received, we act to :
- fluids-leveling
- tires pressure
- battery change
- windscreen wipers replacement
- car body change

Contact us at to check and renew your fleet!

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