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Jan 14, 2022

tribune Energetic transition

From well to wheel

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The term is used in every editorial, in every media. But what are we really talking about when we talk about from well to wheel?
This expression is about the overall life cycle study of a product that compares the environmental impact of two vehicles with different energy sources.

Energy overall life cycle means during its use, when we ride and what is emitted in exhaust gas - it means emissions from tank to wheel, but also emissions during the energy production.

For example, CO2 emissions can be measured over part or the entire life of a vehicle. If a lot of regulations only consider the cycle from tank to wheel (emissions to the exhaust), an analysis from well to wheel makes it possible to consider the electricity and/or fuel production while the overall study, adds the vehicle’s manufacturing and recycling.

Quantifying emissions from well to wheel is an extremely complex task because there are many variables. This scientific approach is nevertheless a necessary step to have reasoned debates on mobility energy transition, because the cleanest energy is not necessarily the one we think about...

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