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May 14, 2020

TankYou the market

Fill up, contactless

TANKYOU is implementing a contactless delivery protocol to fight the pandemic.

TANKYOU against Covid-19

Full fuel contactless with TANKYOU

The greatest changes occur in crisis time. This phenomenon is characterized by an event or a series of events occurrence, sometimes serious, affecting the indivuals, organizations and society balance.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which began in the first quarter of this year, brought a lot of constraints and restrictions, disrupting our society’s economic and social activities. Indeed, the lockdown announced in March led to a large number of business sectors temporary shutdown. Only essential activities have been authorized, with the obligation to respect very strict hygiene rules.

With the advent of this pandemic, and in order to protect its Tankers (drivers) and customers, Tankyou has strengthened the health and safety rules for its operations, and has implemented a 100% contactless delivery protocol, following good Covid-19 prevention practices.

This new Tankyou delivery protocol, now certified by Bureau Veritas, is based on the digital nature of access to the service, and on the health authorities recommendations in the national protocol framework for reopening on 17th September 2020.

This makes Tankyou the first contactless service station in the world, certified by Bureau Veritas.

To cope with this pandemic, individuals and society need safe solutions to protect themselves and continue to operate safely.

Environments that are open to flows of people are high-risk. Gas stations are part of that. Like access to power, fuel is a necessary and regular gateway, increasing the risk of contamination.

Tankyou, with its digitalized fuel delivery service, eliminates any risk of driver contamination, the latter presence is no longer required to refuel.

Thanks to its technology, Tankyou offers its customers a 100% digital experience. For their regular needs, they order their fuel tank online by choosing the slot, location and vehicles to refuel. The Tankyou Super Delivery Tanker receives the order details and subsequently acts on the customer’s vehicles contacless, or even without his presence in most cases. Finally, the customer receives his invoice and proceeds to the payment of it, all online. The transaction is entirely paperless.

In addition, Tankyou has implemented new methods to strengthen the hygiene of its operations while respecting the new recommendations of the health authorities. To this end, Tankyou made barrier gestures mandatory for its operations, and to limit the risk of infection, the company introduced disinfection. An operation became necessary and regular for its entire delivery vehicles fleet, and contact points during deliveries.

Having tested the usefulness of this operation in prevention and noted this need among the majority of its customers, Tankyou has deployed a disinfection service dedicated to vehicle fleets to help companies to continue their activity in peace.

Tankyou is not going to stop there. Driven by its teams ambitions and their spirit of excellence, Tankyou develops other solutions to expand its range of vehicle maintenance services and bring new energies to accelerate its customers transition.

If we are certain that we will one day be finished with the pandemic, this crisis will have reminded us once again of the importance of listening to our clients and turning the problems they face into opportunities. The goal is to continually innovate and provide them and society with the best solutions through technology.

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