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Sep 14, 2021

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our partnership with VINCI CONSTRUCTION

Find out more about our collaboration with the construction leader.



We recently shared with you the benefits of working with Tankyou on RNG deliveries.

Today, let's talk about one of our partners who chose to work with Tankyou for its service flexibility: Vinci Construction.

For its construction sites, and in particular its “Construction line 18”, the Groupement Vinci Construction Razel Bec has chosen Tankyou to deliver its non-road diesel tanks every week. Since machines have powerful engines to run, they have to refuel regularly in order to continue to operate. Obviously, cranes can’t go to a gas station.

The solution is work with Tankyou, which adapts to this 2-year project, supplying different addresses each time – yes, as the project progresses, tanks change place.

An organization was found on both sides to streamline operations: the Material Manager (thank you @ Vincent Grall) and the Operations Manager (@ Olivier Gallet) centralize RNG needs from one week to the next, that we deliver on time to each address mentioned. An emergency need? No problem, Tankyou is able to act quickly so that engines are never out of gas!

Thus, we also contribute to the Greater Paris development!

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